Tragic Incident: Woman Dies After Being Run Over by Lawnmower

Tragic Incident: Woman Dies After Being Run Over by Lawnmower

In an unfortunate incident, a 27-year-old woman in California, USA, was killed after being run over by a lawnmower. The victim, identified as Christine Chavez, was sleeping in tall grass when the incident occurred, according to German news outlet, Bild.

The Incident

Christine Chavez, a homeless woman and mother of a nine-year-old, decided to sleep in the grass of a park in Modesto on July 8. Unaware of her presence, a man mowing the tall grass ran over her with his lawnmower. The blades of the mower caused severe injuries leading to her death.

The lawnmower operator immediately called the police upon realizing what had happened. However, when the woman's family arrived at the scene, fragments of bone, flesh, and Chavez's clothing were still visible in the grass. It is unclear why the family was not protected from this disturbing sight.

Chavez's sister, Esmeralda, has initiated a fundraising campaign to sue the lawnmower operator. So far, over $600 of the required $7000 has been raised.

Esmeralda, on the fundraising website, expressed disbelief that the operator failed to notice her sister sleeping in the grass. Both the police and the city of Modesto have described the incident as a tragic accident, ruling out any deliberate intent on the part of the lawnmower operator.

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