Brothers Aged 7 and 10 Escape from Home Covered in Feces and Urine

Brothers Aged 7 and 10 Escape from Home Covered in Feces and Urine

Two young boys from the United States, aged 7 and 10, managed to escape from their home where they were reportedly held captive by their own parents. The brothers had been living in conditions likened to a horror movie for several years, according to CBS 58.

Discovery by a Neighbor

A neighbor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, noticed the two boys climbing out of a window of their house. According to the neighbor, the boys appeared as if they had never seen the sun before. Once they climbed out of the window, it was observed that the boys were completely naked and behaved like cavemen.

"They walked differently. Their hair looked like it had never been brushed or cut," said Christine Eder, who lives across the street from the boys' home. According to Eder, the boys seemed unaware of anything existing outside their house.

Deplorable Living Conditions

The house, as per a police officer's account, reeked of feces and urine, with the walls smeared with the same. There was also a pile of garbage in the living room and kitchen, and the floor was not visible due to the appalling conditions.

The boys' mother, Katie Koch, and her partner, Joel Manke, appeared in court earlier this week. The 34-year-old and 38-year-old are facing four charges. Additionally, Koch faces two more charges related to neglecting her children and holding her boys captive. If the couple is convicted on all charges, they risk up to 43.5 years in prison and a fine of 120,000 dollars. Koch could face an additional 18 months and a 20,000 dollar fine for the two additional charges.

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