Alabama Police Chasing an Elusive Goat

Alabama Police Chasing an Elusive Goat

In an unusual turn of events, Alabama authorities are on a wild chase for a goat that escaped from its owner's car window. The animal has been sighted in various locations, including a ledge outside a hospital.

The Chase Begins

Mountain Brook and Birmingham police first learned about the goat on the run when it was seen wandering on Montclair Road on Monday. Trevor Turnbough, a project engineer at Sterling Highlands, was working at the company's construction site on Montclair Road when he noticed the animal.

Turnbough reported that a man, who claimed to be the goat's owner, stated that the goat had jumped out of his car window nearby.

Elusive Goat Spotted Again

Despite efforts from both police and civilians, the goat managed to evade capture. However, Turnbough noted that the animal made several appearances near the construction site on Tuesday. Additionally, the goat was seen in the Beech Court area of Mountain Brook and perched on the ledge of the old Montclair Hospital.

Capture Attempts Continue

As of now, the police have been unsuccessful in their attempts to capture the elusive goat. The chase continues as authorities try to safely bring the adventurous animal back to its owner.

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