British Squirrel Saved from Toilet Paper Tube Trap

British Squirrel Saved from Toilet Paper Tube Trap

In a unique rescue operation, British animal rescuers and firefighters saved a squirrel that had found itself in a precarious situation. The squirrel was discovered 30 feet up in a tree with a discarded toilet paper tube stuck around its head. The incident took place in Meanwood, Leeds, England and was promptly attended to by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

Rescue Operation

Animal Rescue Officer Dave Holgate from the RSPCA responded to a distress call about the stuck squirrel. Upon arrival, he found the squirrel perched on a tree branch, with the cardboard tube tightly wrapped around its head. Realizing the squirrel was out of reach, Holgate called upon the local fire brigade for assistance.

The fire brigade, equipped with specialist poles, managed to bring the squirrel safely down to the ground. Holgate then carefully removed the tube from the squirrel's head and released it back into the wild.

The Impact of Litter on Wildlife

Holgate expressed his relief over the successful rescue operation. He stressed that the squirrel could have starved as it was unable to feed due to the tube. He also highlighted the growing problem of litter and its impact on wildlife.

"Litter is one of the biggest hazards our wildlife faces today -- and it's something that's very easy to resolve," Holgate said in an RSPCA news release. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the unintended consequences of littering and the potential dangers it poses to wildlife.

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