Harvard Researchers Claim to Have Found a Potential Anti-Aging Solution

Harvard Researchers Claim to Have Found a Potential Anti-Aging Solution

Researchers at Harvard University have potentially discovered a compound that could counteract aging. They propose a chemical cocktail that could enable full-body rejuvenation.

The Discovery

Harvard researcher David Sinclair shared the findings on his Twitter page. It was previously demonstrated that age reversal could be achieved through gene therapy that produces embryonic genes. "Now we show that it is possible with chemical cocktails, a step towards affordable full-body rejuvenation," Sinclair proudly shared.

The Cocktail and Its Effects

The chemical cocktail contains between five and seven substances that treat physical and mental disorders. These are prescription-only medications, including valproic acid, tranylcypromine, and pramipexole. These drugs have successfully treated conditions such as strokes, depression, and Parkinson's. Now, six cocktails have been found using these substances that counteract body aging and rejuvenate human cells.

The research was carried out on mice and monkeys. According to Sinclair, signs of rejuvenation were visible after just a week. "Studies on the optic nerve, brain tissue, kidneys, and muscles have yielded promising results, with improved vision and longer lifespan in mice and, in April of this year, improved vision in monkeys," he explains.

The Next Step

The next step in the research is to test these cocktails on humans. Preparations for this are already underway. Other researchers, according to Sinclair, are also working to demonstrate that "chemicals can rejuvenate cells just like gene therapy can."

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