Dolphin Attacks on Swimmers: Four Injured

Dolphin Attacks on Swimmers: Four Injured

At a beach in the city of Mihama, a man in his sixties was severely injured after a dolphin attack, suffering multiple broken ribs and a bite to his hand. The same morning, another man in his forties was bitten multiple times on his arm, and later in the day, two more swimmers were injured.

Dolphins' Aggressiveness Towards Humans

Despite dolphins generally not being aggressive towards humans, hostility towards swimmers is not unusual. Warning signs are posted on local beaches, cautioning people not to approach or touch the animals. The province of Fukui, where Mihama is located, has reported six such attacks this year, according to local police.

The Stress of Human-Dolphin Interaction

Scientists have previously suggested that wild bottlenose dolphins find it "incredibly stressful" to swim close to humans. This stress could potentially explain the increase in aggressive behavior.

Dolphin Hunting in Japan

Japan is one of the few countries where dolphin hunting is still permitted. The hunt in the village of Taiji is particularly infamous. Fishermen herd the dolphins into a bay, where they are killed one by one. This practice of dolphin hunting has been widely condemned by activists.

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