Climate Activists in Ibiza Target Yachts and Luxury Cars

Climate Activists in Ibiza Target Yachts and Luxury Cars

Climate activists on the Spanish island of Ibiza have found new targets in their fight against climate change: yachts, private jets, and luxury cars. Activists from Futuro Vegetal and Extinction Rebellion have been spray painting these symbols of wealth in protest against the world's richest 1%.

Protesting Against the Ultra-Rich

The activists hold the ultra-rich responsible for a significant portion of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. Among the targets were the yacht of Nancy Walton Laurie, a wealthy American heiress, multiple private jets at the airport, and a Lamborghini.

"Future of Pain"

"The richest 1% of the world's population pollutes more than the poorest 50%," the activists claim. They argue that the ultra-rich are condemning the rest of the world to a future of pain, misery, and desolation. "They are destroying our planet, endangering the habitability of the land, to maintain a lifestyle that exceeds the bounds of normality," they state. The activists were swiftly arrested by the police.

Previous Actions

This is not the first time that climate activists have targeted the ultra-rich in Ibiza. A popular beach club on the island was previously the target of climate activists, who left slogans on the walls of the club. These actions are part of a broader movement to hold the super-rich accountable for their disproportionate contribution to climate change.

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