China Breaks Weather Record with Over 52 Degrees in Xinjiang

China Breaks Weather Record with Over 52 Degrees in Xinjiang

China has broken a weather record with temperatures soaring over 52 degrees in the northwest region of the country, according to the AFP news agency. This record-breaking temperature, recorded over the weekend, sets a new precedent for mid-July.

A New Record Set

The previous record was 50.6 degrees in July 2017, but this has now been surpassed with a temperature of 52.2 degrees. The record temperature was registered at a weather station in the village of Sanbao in the Xinjiang region on July 16 at 7 pm. According to weather analyst Xin Xin, this is the "highest temperature at a regional station he has ever seen" in China.

Coping with Extreme Temperatures

In response to these extreme temperatures, local authorities in Sanbao have instructed workers and students to stay at home and have deployed special vehicles to spray water on main roads. Ground temperatures are reported to reach a staggering 80 degrees.

A Summer of Record-Breaking Heatwaves

China has been grappling with record-breaking heatwaves throughout the summer. Scientists suggest that these are being exacerbated by climate change, leading Chinese authorities to issue warnings about potential natural disasters.

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