Over 400 Deaths in Kenyan Evangelical Fasting Sect

Over 400 Deaths in Kenyan Evangelical Fasting Sect

The death toll from a tragic incident involving an evangelical 'fasting sect' in Kenya has risen to over 400. Authorities recently unearthed an additional twelve bodies in a forest near the coastal town of Malindi, where the sect practiced extreme fasting.

The latest discovery brings the total number of victims of the so-called Shakahola massacre, named after the forest, to 403. Further increases in the death toll are still expected, three months after the discovery of the first victims.

The Horrifying Details

Most of the victims were reported to have starved to death. However, some of the victims, particularly children, were strangled, beaten, or suffocated.

The leader of the Good News International Church sect, Paul Nthenge Mckenzie, has been in custody since mid-April. The former taxi driver allegedly urged his followers to starve themselves and their children in order to "meet Jesus."

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