Apple Announces Brand New, Expensive VR Headset - Vision Pro

Apple Announces Brand New, Expensive VR Headset - Vision Pro

The Vision Pro stole the spotlight during Apple's annual presentation. Alongside the usual announcements of system updates, the tech giant also unveiled its brand new VR headset, which allows computer-generated images to be overlayed onto reality (augmented reality or AR) as well as within a virtual world (VR).

The presentation of the headset was delivered by Apple CEO Tim Cook during the WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC). He began the announcement with the legendary phrase "One More Thing," famously used by his predecessor, Steve Jobs, during the introduction of the iPhone.

According to Apple, users of the headset will see apps appear before their eyes, either in augmented reality with the real world as the background, or in a completely digital VR environment. This marks the first time since the launch of the Apple Watch that the company is venturing into a new product category.

Eye Control

Unlike smartphones, users can operate the headset using their eyes. Through eye tracking technology, the device can be controlled. Additionally, there are options for finger tapping and swiping.

It is intended for the headset to work in conjunction with other Apple products such as laptops or phones. Richard Howarth, vice president of industrial design, claims that the Vision Pro is the "most ambitious product" ever created by Apple.

Notably, the Apple headset reveals the wearer's eyes on the outside. This allows others to see if the wearer is looking at them or engrossed in an app or movie. In such cases, a colorful haze appears over the screen.

Three Times the Price

The cheapest variant of the Vision Pro will be available for $3,499 in early next year. This is three times more expensive than Meta's most expensive AR/VR variants. It's also worth noting that the headset can only be used with an external battery that lasts for two hours or connected to a power source.

Initially, the headset will be released in the United States. It will become available in other countries at a later date.

Other Announcements

The announcements didn't stop with the headset. Apple also revealed new versions of its software for devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. The iPhone will receive updated apps for calling and messaging.

Additionally, Apple introduced a new 15-inch MacBook Air and a version of the Apple Studio desktop computer with faster chips. These new, self-designed chips also serve as the foundation for the new Mac Pro desktop computer.

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