Cat rapper

Record Label Removes AI-Generated Eminem Cat Rap from Internet

Universal Music Publishing Group issued a DMCA takedown notice against a YouTuber for an AI-generated parody of Eminem's voice singing a ChatGPT-generated song about cats. The move highlights the legal gray areas surrounding AI-generated media and the ways in which copyright laws can be used to control AI-generated content. The video was labeled as AI-generated and a satirical parody, but the copyright strike gave the YouTuber's channel a strike, which is serious, and could result in a total ban of their channel.

The use of AI-generated voices is an ongoing issue, with several high-profile lawsuits filed over ownership of AI-generated voices. Some AI researchers believe that copyright law is the way forward in the debate between AI-generated art enthusiasts and artists, while others argue that AI-generated parodies provide no harm to the original art and are of benefit to them.

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